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a wider range
divided into 3 groups

Medicines for everyone, for all ages, for many indications. Antibiotics, anti-rheumatic, anti-diabetic, cardiovascular, anti-histamines, Lagap's range is wide.

Sold in more than 25 countries, these are prescription drugs whose advertising is not authorized to the general public.

Lagap also offers an interesting range of OTC (medications sold in pharmacies without a prescription) and food supplements .

The last group operated by Lagap is the medical devices group, such as tests to be carried out at home (pregnancy test, ovulation test among others).

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prescription medications

Lagap prescription medications are not sold in all countries but some of them have been known for decades such as Doxylag, Ipocol, Librocol, Melix, Metrolag, Trilagavit,

Other more recent ones are also part of the Lagap range. Among them we can cite Amoxidin Plus, Desladin, Levex, Melital, Orlin, Rhumalgan, and many others.

over-the-counter medications and dietary supplements

This range is one of the best known with flagship products like:

Ivylin (a natural cough suppressant); Intimeo (a probiotic used to prevent urinary tract infections); dMannosa (dmannose) to treat UTI; Swissheal (a local healing agent); Electrona ORS (an electrolyte supplement for the prevention of dehydration in children).

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medical devices

For more than ten years Lagap sold rapid tests to medical practices and hospitals. Today, after these years of experience and a drastic market evolution, the choice is more restricted but also more innovative.

The introduction of a digital test with almost 100% reliability allowing the use of a single monitor for several types of research (monitoring) and analyzes and, moreover, to be practiced at home is becoming a priority.

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