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new Horizons

With these 3,000 m2 of surface area, our production center was able to increase its production capacity by almost 250% over 2 years.

Other still unexploited spaces would allow it to further double current production.

Lagap Switzerland provides partners looking for limited production with a fleet of machines adapted to this opportunity.

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on the way to the future

New technologies, a step not to be missed.

The new Lagap SA production center, located near Bellinzona, designed to respect the environment with appropriate energy autonomy and water recycling, undoubtedly goes in this direction.

sustainable management

Local production with local active substances and ingredients in 75% of cases, a challenge that should not be overlooked when we know that nearly 200 medications are regularly missing from pharmacies.

Lagap SA opts for sustainable production even in the event of a crisis or shortages.

We would like the authorities to support this concept more actively.


Our specialties: capsules and tablets.

Around fifteen medicines are produced in our production center in Bellinzona.

new technologies,

Since 1978, Lagap has always moved towards new technologies.

In 1979, it built the first Swiss sterile infusion bag center. The same is true 3 years later in Great Britain.

In 1983, it put on the market an anion exchange resin twice as active as existing ones, which provides comfort for the patient and facilitates combined therapies.

In the 1980s Lagap was the largest producer of sugar and alcohol-free syrups in the Middle East.

And in 2024, Lagap will be the first multinational to offer a multi-use digital test for the detection of female hormones to be performed at home.

In addition, thanks to new machines and devices, Lagap SA can today offer serialized and “tamper proof” medicines.

For future partners wishing to take advantage of our services, Lagap SA suggests they contact us using the form below.

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